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The quick & easy way to get probate
without spending thousands on a solicitor

Probate, done for you, at a fraction of the cost of a solicitor.

For just £750+VAT, we’ll obtain probate on your behalf. Read on to find out more.

At Berkeley Weston we exist to help our clients obtain probate in a fraction of time it takes solicitors to get it done, and for a fraction of the cost. 

For years, people like you have been paying solicitors a minimum of 2% of the estate to obtain Probate AND waiting 12 months for the process to be completed.

Quite simply, this isn’t good enough.

But here’s the problem – the alternative is often fly-by-night, price driven businesses churning hundreds out a day at a low fee, usually without the expertise needed to do the job properly.

The truth is that probate shouldn’t cost the earth, but it does need to be done right, with time, effort and expertise applied to it.

When you instruct Berkeley Weston to obtain probate for you, you’ll: 

What is a Grant of Representation? 

A Grant of Representation is a formal legal document granted by the Probate Registry division of the High Court.

A Grant of Representation is also known as “Probate” where there is a Will, and “Letters of Administration” where there isn’t a Will.

A Grant of Representation is required to deal with a deceased person’s assets after they’ve died. 

How can Berkeley Weston charge less than solicitors and do a better, quicker job?

  1. Solicitors have long worked on an antiquated hourly billing model, and have high overheads, so they charge high fees that aren’t justified by the work they do.
  1. The reality is that a decent proportion of the process SHOULDN’T be outsourced, as it results in a loss of control.  Some of the less complicated stuff should be done by a family member, not a solicitor, and because we subscribe to this view, our costs can be reduced.

Here’s what we’ll do to help you obtain Probate quickly, easily and cost-effectively:

  • Identify the correct inheritance tax form(s) to complete.
  • Check the estate information is present and correct.
  • Check the Will for any possible errors or problems.
  • Check Land Registry records to establish whether a jointly owned   property is owned as ‘Joint Tenants’ or ‘Tenants in Common’
  • Complete the HMRC inheritance tax reporting requirements for excepted estates, including ‘Return of estate information’ form (IHT205) where required
  • Complete the ‘Claim to transfer unused nil rate band’ form (IHT217), if required.
  • Complete the Probate Application Form (PA1)
  • Forward the probate application paperwork to the executor(s) with instructions for signing.
  • Prepare checks for payment of probate fees to Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service (HMCTS).
  • Forward the probate application paperwork and fee for filing at the correct Probate Registry Office
  • Orders certified court sealed copies of the Grant of Probate, if the option is desired by the client.
  • Carries out a ‘post-probate’ telephone consultation with the client to ensure the estate is concluded correctly and any potential costly mistakes avoided.
  • Unlimited help and support by phone and email  throughout the entire probate process.

Your Investment

To benefit from the Assisted Probate Service, your investment is just £750 + VAT and includes all of the above.

To instruct a solicitor to achieve this will likely cost a minimum of £5,000, and sometimes much more depending on the value of the estate.

Your Next Step

If you’d like our help to obtain probate, we’d be honoured to assist you.

To proceed, just:

Assisted DIY Probate Service Client Feedback

“Dear Mr Weston. Thank you very much for your assistance in dealing with probate for my late wife affairs. This was completed last Friday. Your help I found very comforting when it came to dealing with the paperwork, which I found most difficult at the time. But we all have to move on. So once again thank you for taking the weight off my shoulders and help in dealing with the necessary formalities. Kind regards.” Gerald Hardiman

“Dear Phil, we would like to thank you for all your hard work and guidance through arranging probate for us. Reading the official forms created a nightmare, but then your great instruction papers arrived with explanations that made sense! Your ideas over the paperwork, the email messages and phone calls were so helpful and so quickly deal with no one could possibly have had better or more efficient help. I can imagine that many people without legal experience, panic when faced with legal matters, like us. However your service, time and help from all directions was wonderful, we couldn’t have asked for anything better.” Jean Wilson and Marilyn Bradley.

“Hi Phil, I just wanted to say you and your company are OUTSTANDING, PROFESSIONAL, INFORMATIVE, the list goes on……

Thank you for the excellent service you offer with your DIY Probate pack. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone looking to not hesitate, and maybe like me are a little nervous of all official jargon to USE your ASSISTED DIY PROBATE. You made the process easier and stressless.

You are by far a first class example of how a company should operate and it must be a huge pleasure for all your staff to be working with you.

On behalf of my late husband (who was a very organised man, had details attached to a note book to use your company in the event of his death. I had already downloaded the pack but this just confirmed my choice) and myself I cannot thank you enough and am more than grateful for all your patience and help at this time.

Oh and I must say value for money, an understatement. Amazing value for such a professional service.

Very kind regards” Anne Charlton

“Hi Phil, I would like to say how pleased I have been with your service. You have acted quickly and accurately to ensure a fast efficient conclusion to me late father’s affairs. Additionally your communication has been first class. Thank you.” Mike Pitson

“Hi Phil just to thank you for a successful probate outcome. Your advice and service was absolutely brilliant. We had everything in place as advised by you. I would recommend your company to everyone. Thanks again and you can name me as a recommendation.” Liz Owen

“I would like to put forward a recommendation for your company. You have been extremely helpful, whether it be telephone calls or e-mails, by replying promptly and with as much information as you could have. You have kept all of my family well informed every step of the way and have been most generous in answering what were sometimes silly questions. I would thoroughly recommend you and your services to anybody. Many thanks again for all your help.” Audrey Rourke

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I guarantee the DIY 30 hours time savedProbate Pack will save at least 30 hours of your time

I have done all the hard work for you putting together detailed step-by-step instructions of all the actions you need to take to obtain probate. This means you won’t have to waste your time finding out what actions you need to take, what you are allowed to do and not to do etc.

SupportGuaranteed support when you need it most

You won’t be on your own. You’ll have access to customer-only support to answer any questions you may have about how to use your DIY Probate Pack.

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