DIY Grant Of Probate

If you’re looking for a DIY Grant of Probate, you’re not alone.  Thousands of people now choose to handle probate themselves.


Probate has long been overpriced by solicitors, who often charge a minimum of £5,000 for the service.

In most cases, probate is typically quite straightforward, and not worth that investment.

With a straightforward guide to assist you, the majority of individuals can do probate themselves without using a solicitor. 

But here’s the issue: even getting probate for a straightforward estate can be stressful, largely because you’re attempting to get it during a challenging, emotional moment, which is essentially the reverse of the circumstances you’d like to be able to sit down and fill out paperwork.

And that, in a nutshell, is how solicitors have been able to overcharge for probate for so long. They do this by playing on your emotional state of mind and leaving you with the nagging impression that you’re better off leaving this to the experts.

To make matters worse, hiring a solicitor typically extends the time it takes to complete and increases your overall investment as a result.

But enough of the dread and gloom; it’s time to celebrate the fact that more individuals than ever are doing DIY probate.

Should you try to get probate on your own?

Probably. You shouldn’t have any trouble doing probate yourself as long as the estate is pretty simple.

There are three primary considerations to take into account while applying for probate:

1.What you must do before beginning your application

2. Application: the actual forms.

3. What you must do to complete the estate once you have been granted probate.

When you break it down in this way, it becomes much less intimidating. Yes, you’ll need to look up a few legal termins, and you might need a little assistance with the forms, but nothing that would require the services of a lawyer.

However, it’s worth reading this before you start attempting to acquire probate on your own:

Yes, many persons have the option of doing their own probate.

We won’t lie, though, there are some challenging parts; this isn’t just “homework” that anyone over the age of ten could finish.

The majority of individuals discover that while they don’t need a solicitor, they do benefit from a framework that helps them to get through the process quickly, without hassle, or stress. You’ll need to concentrate on it, you’ll need to fill out the proper paperwork, in the right order.

And if you’re looking for a resource to help, we can recommend our free Essential Probate Checklist.

The Essential Probate Checklist gives you the foundation required to apply for probate on your own, assisting you to:

• Be aware of what probate is, how it functions, and the important factors to consider before applying for it.

• Recognise whether you need probate or not

• The 16 steps you must do to apply for probate

• What the Executor must do

• How to determine who needs to be informed about your loved one’s death.

The Essential Probate Checklist is extremely helpful as a framework to assist you in obtaining probate on your own, and as I indicated, it is totally free. You can gain immediate access to it by clicking here right now.