DIY Probate Forms

Looking for DIY Probate Forms?  You’re not alone.  More people than ever are looking to do the probate forms themselves, most of them having discovered the ludicrous fees that solicitors charge to obtain probate for you.

It’s an industry issue, and it’s been going on for far too long – solicitors routinely charging many thousands of pounds, or taking a percentage of the whole estate.

It’s not right, and thankfully, plenty of people like you have started to recognise that there is another way: DIY probate forms.

Can you fill in the probate forms yourself?


There’s no doubt that probate is a critical legal process, and that it’s important to get right, but if the estate that you’re tasked with closing is fairly straightforward, some guidance and some DIY probate forms will allow you to get the job done, without having to pay significant legal fees to a “probate expert”.

The reality is that a probate application just requires you to fill in a series of forms, none of which are especially complicated.

Yes, there’s a bit of a legalese you’ll have to overcome, but with a good dictionary (or Google!) you should be able to navigate yourself through the DIY process without too many issues.

How do you know you’re doing it right?

It’s an important question.  Yes, probate is straightforward in almost all cases, but it’s still very important to get it right, as getting it wrong can create more issues – clearly, probate is a critical legal process, and if you incorrectly fill the probate forms in, there can be consequences.

For example, if you don’t correctly collate the value of assets, this can have implications for the Inheritance Tax bill, which is something no one wants to get wrong.

As a result, it’s useful to have a guide or framework that’ll help you ensure you’re doing the right things at the right stage, and that’s why we put together a free Essential Probate Checklist that’ll help you ensure that at each stage, you’re doing the right things.

What will the Essential Probate Checklist help me with?

Essentially, it guides you through the process, explaining what you need to do and in what order.

Here’s what the Essential Probate Checklist will help you with:

  • Understanding when probate is critical, and the reasons why you need to obtain it
  • Explaining when probate isn’t necessary, and the instances where there is no need to submit a probate application
  • The 16 steps you need to take to obtain probate, and the order you need to take them
  • The key tasks that the Executor of the Will needs to perform
  • Identifying the people and parties that you need to notify of the deceased’s death

In short, the Essential Probate Checklist gives you a framework you can work through in order to complete the DIY probate forms and obtain probate without using a solicitor, and we’re happy to give you them for free.

To access the forms, and keep making progress on your probate application, just click here, and you’ll be taken to a form where you can request your free copy of the Essential Probate Checklist.