DIY Probate

DIY Probate Guide

diy probateLooking for help with DIY Probate?  You’re not alone.  Many thousands of people are now seeking out how to obtain probate themselves, rather than instructing a solicitor and having to pay sizeable five-figure sums to get the process complete.

Why are people looking for DIY Probate?

Simple: the legal world charges too much for what is a relatively simple legal process.  Yes, there are a few forms that need filling in, and you need to understand how to fill them in correctly, but aside from that, it’s not like you’re going to court and need to understand the minutia of a legal textbook.

The trouble is that probate almost always needs to be completed at a time of heighted emotion and stress, and the idea of doing it yourself and getting it wrong doesn’t bear thinking about.

Unfortunately, solicitors have preyed on this for a long time, and routinely charge far more than the work is worth.

Not only that, but they generally drag their heels in too (often because they’re billing by the hour), which means that process takes far longer than it needs to.

The world has woken up to this, which is why lots of people are going down the DIY Probate route.

Should you do DIY Probate?

If the estate you’re dealing with is pretty simple, the answer is almost certainly yes.

When it comes to doing DIY Probate, there are three things you need to get your head around: 

  1. Pre-preparation: the tasks you need to complete before you can begin your application.
  2. Application: how to actually complete the forms and submit your application
  3. Finalisation: how to finalise the estate following the grant of probate being awarded.

That’s as complicated as the process gets, and although there is some legal jargon that you’ll come across on the way, it really is fairly straightforward, as long as you’ve got a guiding hand when you need it.

But before you going rushing down the DIY Probate option, read this:

As we said, DIY probate is straightforward, and it’s possible for almost all estates, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a complete breeze and can be completed by a five-year-old.

You still need to get it right, you still need to progress and you still need to get it done, and if you’re entirely alone during the process, it’s easy to feel paralysed into inactivity for the following reasons:

  • Fear of getting it wrong
  • Issues when you come across something you don’t understand
  • Lack of understanding about how each stage works and what you need to do

And if that’s got you nodding along, then don’t fear, because there is a solution that’ll help you obtain probate, without paying lots of money to a solicitor.

Our DIY Probate Checklist shows you all of the steps that you need to take to apply for probate yourself.

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