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The quick & easy way to get probate
without spending thousands on a solicitor

IHT400 Assisted Probate Service – IHT400 and Probate, done for you. Fast.

Do you need to complete an IHT400 inheritance tax account?

As well as ensuring probate is obtained in the shortest possible time, our IHT400 Assisted Probate Service will ensure correct completion of the inheritance tax forms and legal paperwork, taking the task off your desk and completing it swiftly and professionally.

The Fast Track service also gives the Executor of the Will priority access to unlimited practical help and support via phone and email throughout the probate process.

Why use the IHT400 Assisted Probate Service?

IHT400 Assisted Probate Service takes care of the complicated legal and inheritance tax forms, which is often the biggest stumbling block if you’re looking to do probate yourself.

This leaves you free to concentrate on the straightforward tasks, such as dealing with banks, building societies and other interested parties.

When you opt for the IHT400 Assisted Probate Service, we’ll work quickly and efficiently to complete IHT400 for you – once we’ve received your documents, we’ll draft the inheritance tax account and return it to you for approval within 7-10 days.  

Here’s what we’ll do for you when you opt for the IHT400 Assisted Probate Service:

  1. Identify the correct inheritance tax form(s) to complete. 
  2. Check the estate information is present and correct. 
  3. Check the Will for any possible errors or problems. 
  4. Complete the inheritance tax account IHT400 and accompanying schedules (IHT402-436 as appropriate)
  5. Complete the Probate Application Form (PA1) 
  6. Forward the inheritance tax account and probate application paperwork to the executor(s) with instructions for signing.
  7. Liaise with and assists the Executor(s) to arrange payment of any inheritance tax due to HMRC.
  8. Forward the probate application paperwork and fee for filing at the Probate Registry Office and the inheritance tax account to HMRC.
  9. Provide unlimited help and support by phone and email throughout the entire probate process. 


What next?

The first step to discover more is to book a free, no obligation Probate & Inheritance Tax Problem Solving call with us, where we can listen to your situation and explain your options.

Simply choose a time that suits you from the calendar below and we will be happy to talk you through all of your options:

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I have done all the hard work for you putting together detailed step-by-step instructions of all the actions you need to take to obtain probate. This means you won’t have to waste your time finding out what actions you need to take, what you are allowed to do and not to do etc.

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You won’t be on your own. You’ll have access to customer-only support to answer any questions you may have about how to use your DIY Probate Pack.

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