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The quick & easy way to get probate
without spending thousands on a solicitor

Looking for a DIY Probate Kit?

DIY Probate Kit

DIY Probate KitIf you’re in the process of obtaining probate, and you’re looking for a DIY Probate Kit to help you get it done, without having to pay thousands of pounds to a solicitor, you’re in the right place.

In this article, I explain how you can obtain probate, without paying extortionate legal fees, and without having to wait the months that solicitors usually take to complete the process.

Probate – easier than you’d think

For years, the legal profession has had probate sewn up – everyone just defaulted to solicitors and didn’t think anything of it.

But the truth is that solicitors generally overcharge significantly for what is usually a pretty simple legal process.

And they don’t only overcharge, they also take a very long time to get it done, which is precisely what you don’t want during an emotionally draining time in your life.

The reality is that most people in the UK are able to obtain diy probate swiftly and easily, without using a solicitor, which is why searches for a DIY probate kit have shot up in recent years.

When you obtain probate, there are three key things you need to get to grips with:

  1. How to complete the groundwork that’s required before applying for probate.
  2. How to complete the forms and probate application paperwork.
  3. How to finalise the estate once probate has been obtained.

Find a DIY probate kit that shows you how to do all of the above, and you can save yourself a lot of money.

How much can you save by using a probate DIY kit?

A lot.

It’s not uncommon for solicitors to charge £10,000, £15,000 and £20,000 fees for their work, all of which either: 

  1. Comes out of the estate, needlessly reducing inheritances, or
  2. Has to be paid for by the deceased’s family

Clearly, that’s not a desirable outcome, which makes sense of the fact that searches for things like ‘DIY probate kit’, ‘probate DIY kit’ and ‘DIY probate kit UK’ have rapidly increased in the last 10 years.

Why do some people still use solicitors for probate?

In a word: fear.

Fear that it’s just going to be too complicated.  Fear that they’ll get something wrong.

Both of those things are totally understandable, but when you get your hands on the right DIY probate kit, they become unfounded.

Because the best DIY probate kits out there will make the process incredibly simple, easy and speedy, allowing you to get the whole thing complete without fuss, stress or huge amounts of time.

What’s the best DIY probate kit on the market?

The sad truth is that there aren’t many.  Some attempts have been made to create them, but either they complicate things too much, or they don’t provide enough information to be genuinely useful.

The DIY probate kit that I wrote myself has been used by tens of thousands of UK citizens over the last 20 years.

When you invest in it, you’ll get everything you need to complete probate yourself:

  • Straightforward step-by-step instructions to ensure the probate process progresses smoothly.
  • A simple checklist clearly outlining all of all the steps you need to take from start to finish – taking the guesswork out of obtaining probate.
  • All the letters and forms you’ll need to obtain probate and close the estate – saves you time and effort.
  • The “probate shortcuts” you can take to speed up the process.
  • A detailed explanation of what an executor should and shouldn’t do, as well as the circumstances where you can avoid the probate process entirely
  • Exactly what to do if a dispute arises
  • Two simple but often overlooked ways to reclaim money due to the estate.
  • How to ensure the Will is legally valid
  • A complete checklist of the people and organisations that have to be notified of a death
  • Detailed advice on how to deal with any debts owed and the circumstances when they can be written off.
  • The correct way of dealing with property, savings and investments that are part of the estate
  • How to check whether the deceased person left any assets that you don’t know about
  • How to ensure you avoid tax fines from HMRC

In short, in my DIY probate kit, you’ll get absolutely everything you need to obtain probate swiftly, and without using a solicitor.

If you’d like to find out more, please download myDIY Probate Checklist below and I will also send you details of how you can obtain your own copy of the DIY Probate Pack.

Click here to download the DIY Probate Checklist now:>>


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