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How To Achieve a Swift and Successful DIY Probate Outcome

A video message from Phil Weston exclusively for DIY Probate Pack customers

Please complete the enquiry form below to register your interest in the Fast Track Assisted Probate Service. Upon receipt of your enquiry I will respond personally by email confirming the eligibility criteria and next steps.

    Are You Facing Some of The Same Problems As Sue?

    Sue needs to obtain probate following the death of her mother and has been working her way through the DIY Probate Pack.

    Here’s what Sue said in a recent email to me:  “Hi Phil, I have not got very far with the probate application for my mother. Just when I think I have things sussed I get myself all flustered and worried that I have made a mistake for which I will be personally liable somewhere down the line. I’ve completed the forms a number of times, and then torn them up again because I found I made a mistake. It’s really doing my head in now.”

    If  you have similar concerns or issues to Sue here’s how I can help.

    The Fast Track Assisted DIY Probate Service is exclusively for my DIY Probate Pack customers who want some extra help. If you’re having second thoughts about doing everything yourself, this really is the best option if you want to obtain probate quickly with the least amount of effort. Here’s 7 reasons why:

    1. It’ll save you time and effort – all the paperwork and legal formalities are completed for you.
    2. No more headaches or sleepless nights worrying about making a mistake or wondering whether you are doing the “right thing”.
    3. It’s quick & easy.  Just complete the short form on this page and I’ll be in touch to explain your options, the costs involved and what to do to get the ball rolling.
    4. Avoid making any costly and embarrassing errors by having the estate dealt with by an expert.
    5. No more paperwork and form filling – I take care of this for you.
    6. Fixed fee promise – The fee is fixed at £595 + VAT (£714 inc. VAT) with no hidden charges.
    7. Satisfaction guaranteed. I constantly ask my clients for their feedback – good and bad.  To date, NONE of my clients have been dissatisfied with the service they received from me.

    It’s the most effective & safest way to obtain Probate and finalise a loved one’s estate. There’s no time, effort or risk involved for you.

    And what’s more I’ll obtain probate in a fraction of the time it would take you, as I have the expertise and proven systems already in place.

    Why not ease your mind and sleep securely in the knowledge that you are in the safe hands of a probate expert?

    I’m waiting to help you  – simply complete the form above and I’ll be in touch. You’ll be glad you did.

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