Important DIY Probate Pack Updates

Important DIY Probate
Pack Updates



1. From 26th January 2022 the Probate Application Fee is £273 (replacing the previous fee of £215)


2. Please disregard all references to the IHT205 form, if death was after 31st December 2021


As of January 1st 2022, the Government has made some important changes to the way that probate is processed, and depending on the date of death, things need to be done differently.

For deaths before January 1st 2022:

If you’re dealing with the estate of someone who died before January 1st 2022, you still need to complete the IHT205 (or IHT400 form where required) in order to report the value of the estate to HM Revenue and Customs, as outlined in the enclosed guide and the digital resources in your DIY Probate Pack.

Please use the updated IHT205 form below rather than the version in  your DIY Probate Pack


For deaths on or after January 1st 2022:

For deaths that occurred on or after January 1st, the IHT205 has now been replaced with an online HMRC estate value report for inheritance tax, so you can disregard references to the IHT205 found within the DIY Probate Pack and the digital resources.

You can visit in order to complete the online report.

You will still need to provide details of asset values, so the advice on how to do that still stands.

Click here to download IHT205

3. New Probate Application Form


Use Version ‘PA1P Probate Application (01.22V2)’, which replaces the older (12.19) Version.

If you have any queries please call 0116 2795044 or email

Completing both the online and paper-based IHT forms are included within the Assisted Probate Service if you need further help