The Essential Probate Checklist


Download our checklist which shows you all of the steps you must undertake to obtain probate (and some shortcuts that will make your life very much easier), including:

  • Which documents you need to apply for probate
  • Whether you need to apply for probate at all
  • Which items you must include in your probate application.


Hello, my name is Philip Weston & I am the founder of Berkeley Weston Ltd, publishers of the DIY Probate Pack.

I am a former legal adviser and probate practitioner with 21 years experience.

I founded the business in 2004 to help consumers overcome tricky legal problems without spending a fortune on solicitor’s fees.

As well as having a substantial online presence, we are a real “bricks and mortar” business, with our HQ based here in Leicester. My private clients are welcome to visit our offices by appointment.

I understand that probate is a daunting prospect for most people, which is why I have prepared this checklist to make it a little easier for you. 

The Essential Probate Checklist explains all of the steps you must undertake to obtain probate for the estate that you are managing.

It includes:

  • What is probate and why it is a legal requirement to complete it;
  • The limited occassions when you do not need to apply for probate;
  • What you need to do before applying for Grant of Probate;
  • How to check that the Grant of Probate is issued correcly;
  • Settling any tax requirements;
  • Collecting and distributing the proceeds of the estate; and
  • How to know when you have completed your responsibilities.

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The Essential Probate Checklist