DIY Probate UK

Are you looking for DIY Probate UK?   You’re in the right place, and you’re definitely not alone – hundreds and hundreds of people are now opting to complete probate themselves, for one reason: Cost. Solicitors have long overcharged for probate, usually charging a minimum of £5,000 for the service, which is vastly overpriced, and … Read more

DIY Probate Guide

If you’re looking for a DIY Probate Guide, then you aren’t alone. The number of people looking to obtain probate themselves is rising fast, as people discover two things: It’s very possible to do it yourself The legal world have long overcharged for the service It’s a real problem.  It’s been covered by a few … Read more

DIY Probate Forms

Looking for DIY Probate Forms?  You’re not alone.  More people than ever are looking to do the probate forms themselves, most of them having discovered the ludicrous fees that solicitors charge to obtain probate for you. It’s an industry issue, and it’s been going on for far too long – solicitors routinely charging many thousands … Read more

DIY Probate Pack

DIY Probate Pack If you’re searching for a DIY Probate Pack, it’s probably because you’ve discovered the exorbitant fees that solicitors charge to complete the process on your behalf. Unfortunately, solicitors have been long overcharging for the probate process, either by quoting large five-figure sums or a percentage of the whole estate. Neither of those … Read more

DIY Probate

DIY Probate Guide Looking for help with DIY Probate?  You’re not alone.  Many thousands of people are now seeking out how to obtain probate themselves, rather than instructing a solicitor and having to pay sizeable five-figure sums to get the process complete. Why are people looking for DIY Probate? Simple: the legal world charges too … Read more

How to do DIY Probate

How to do DIY Probate Researching “How to do DIY Probate”? You’re not alone. Many thousands of UK citizens have started looking for the same thing after being quoted astronomical sums from solicitors to complete probate. The overcharging of probate is a real problem – grief-stricken, bereaved people are being given the difficult choice of … Read more

How easy is DIY Probate?

How easy is DIY Probate? If you’re asking ‘How easy is DIY Probate?’, you’re probably one of the thousands of people considering obtaining probate yourself, rather than forking out a five-figure sum to a solicitor. The legal world has long overcharged for probate.  The reality is that the process is pretty simple really – there … Read more

Looking for a DIY Probate Kit?

DIY Probate Kit If you’re in the process of obtaining probate, and you’re looking for a DIY Probate Kit to help you get it done, without having to pay thousands of pounds to a solicitor, you’re in the right place. In this article, I explain how you can obtain probate, without paying extortionate legal fees, … Read more